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[Xmca-l] Re: units of analysis?

This is my last post on this question, Martin, just to clarify that "situation" is not the same as "environment," in that is specifically refers to the relation between the environment and the subject. OK, I was speaking loosely in using a colloquial expression. I should know better. But "situation" is a precise word, and "social situation of development" is even more precise. Not the same as "environment." See "Problem of Age" on this.

But nonetheless, Martin, our exchange does highlight how easy it is to misconstrue someone's word on this topic.

*Andy Blunden*

Martin John Packer wrote:
No, Andy, that's not OK.  What I was saying, and what LSV said, was that the three children live in "exactly the same environmental conditions," "the same situation." I think it is a grave error - though a  common one - to think that talk of "the world a person lives in" suggests that each person lives in a different world. That is very evidently *not* what LSV was saying. He is *not* saying that each child lives in a different world. He's *not* even saying that each child lives in a different situation. He says explicitly the opposite: they are all living in the *same* situation, the *same* environment. The *same* world. I would be willing to grant that different cultures amount to different worlds, or at least different worldviews (there is a debate in anthropology right now about this), but you seem to be talking about adults and children in the same culture. Of course there are differences between the psychology of an adult and the psychology of a child.