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[Xmca-l] Re: units of analysis?

I would think that the contradiction here is between the child's dependence on his or her parents, and the drunken mother's harmful treatment of her children.  This contradiction is more intense for the youngest child, and less so for the eldest, who has become more independent.

But it's certainly true that the units that Vygotsky worked with were units of contradiction, like the commodity. In chapter 7 of T&L he wrote:

"Thus, the thought and the word are from the very beginning not cut from one pattern. In a sense we can say that between them there is contradiction rather than harmony...." 

He continues: "Speech [Речь] in its structure does not constitute a simple mirror image of the structure of thought. Therefore, it cannot be placed on the thought, like a ready-made dress. Thought, turning into speech, is reorganized and modified. Thought is not expressed, but completed in the word. Consequently, the opposing processes of development of the semantic and acoustic aspects of speech form a genuine unity precisely because of their opposite direction. is a dynamic relationship between the components that can become a contradiction, rather than a contradiction always being involved."

Whatever perezhivanje is, it must contain such a contradiction.


On Oct 12, 2014, at 5:39 PM, Vera John-Steiner <vygotsky@unm.edu> wrote:

> So .. perezhivanije captures in a unit the contradiction between the (objectivity of the) environment (the abusive mother) and the child's subjectivity of this experience (emotional experience, crisis) mediating and mediated by the child's development, 'among other things' ... The child's development has to be understood as moving, the contradiction between their understanding and their emotional experience is the dialectic of development.