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[Xmca-l] Re: units of analysis?

I don't know, Helena! I had a different reaction to Andy's statement. Let's not forget that in Thought & language LSV discusses the criteria by means of which to determine the unit of analysis.


On Oct 12, 2014, at 1:31 PM, Helena Worthen <helenaworthen@gmail.com> wrote:

> As someone who uses the concept of "unit of analysis" in a very down-to-earth, quick and dirty, applied way to shape collective responses to a crisis in a labor and employment relationships (like, when a rule changes creates difficulties for workers), I would agree with Andy:
>> The other thing is that discovering a unit of analysis is an *insight*. It
>> is not something that can be achieved by following a template, it is the
>> breakthrough in your research into some problem, the leap. It usually comes
>> *after* you've collected all the data for your research using some other
>> unit of analysis.