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[Xmca-l] Re: how to broaden/enliven the xmca discussion

Leontiev attached.
*Andy Blunden*

Tonyan, Holli A wrote:
Hi Mike,

I really appreciated what you said in your previous post and I really appreciate that you are trying to start a thread focused on two specific articles that we could read together.  The discussion has moved so fast (your comment about whether we can stop a moving train) that it's become hard for me to even find where you posted the original articles.

I found it helpful that David Kellogg just started a new thread to continue a discussion that seems to be of interest to some readers.

Perhaps, Mike, you could start a new thread for a discussion of the two articles you mentioned?  I don't know that I can actually read those two articles right now (even two is a struggle these days of reports due and exams to grade), but I'd sure like to be able to try and to follow that thread.  Like Vera, I was excited to see the subject line for this thread, and disappointed when the discussion quickly turned to so many articles and thinkers with whom I am not familiar.  If it were it's own post and other people respected the goal of only posting in response to those specific articles, then we might be able to spark a different discussion?

I can't speak for others, but I am with you - I have far too difficult a time understanding much less responding to articles that make references to concepts with which I am not familiar and don't have time to read.  I would guess that others, like me, are interested, but just couldn't reply fast enough to keep up with the pace of new posts in that thread.  I think others, like me, would be well served by specific references to parts of those articles rather than general references to the concepts and ideas.

Any other takers for a new thread dedicated to comparing the Problem of the Environment and the article by Leontiev?

Holli Tonyan

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