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[Xmca-l] FW: Special Issue in Th & Psy on Language and the Self

I've mainly been a conversation starter this fall--I have a lot of demands on me presently that are limiting extensive engagement with the ensuing discussions. Here's another piece that some might find interesting, and that I am included on because I was among the reviewers for the issue. (Yes, I do believe in the peer review process.) The intro is all she sent us, but perhaps university libraries can provide pdf's to those who wish to follow up with the articles. p

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From: Marie-Cécile Bertau [mailto:bertau@lmu.de] 
Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2014 5:27 AM
Subject: Special Issue in Th & Psy on Language and the Self

Dear authors, dear peer reviewers,

The holiday and conference season is now definitely over, so it is time to send you the completed special issue you all contributed to, published this August. I take that opportunity to thank you all again, with a particular emphasis on those of you, whose texts were /not
/published: the reviewers. As I wrote in the introduction, all  article rely on texts which remain themselves hidden. These texts are inspiring, careful, in the best sense critical and intense dialogues with their text. They are immensely precious to any author: peer reviewers are the best readers, I think, so serious, and so fully addressed in their doing.

For your convenience, I attach the introduction for an overview of the contributions, as well as the cover of the issue for the TOC it includes. In case of interest, I will be pleased to send you any one of the articles as pdf.

Best wishes to you all,

PD Dr. Marie-Cécile Bertau
-- psycholinguist --
University of Munich
Institute for Phonetics and Speech Processing Schellingstrasse 3, 80799 München Tel. ++49-89-2180-2759 http://www.bertau.de/

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