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[Xmca-l] Some facts about cultural "triple packages"

Been enjoying the party, and apropos of David's call for some facts (which
I'm in full support of - despite being a theory-wonk), I thought I'd offer
this Ted talk that was sent to me by an LCHC colleague:

Lots of facts in there, and not a little theory.

They've got big claims about the facts of their program in inner-city
schools and about inequality too (you have to listen to the end to hear
about that).

What do you think?

Anything to it?

Anyone have any facts to counter their facts?


​p.s., I'm still listening to it right now. Not sure I'm going to be able
to stomach the entire talk... getting a little queasy. Feeling like someone
is selling me something that is going to cost me a ton and I'm not going to
like. Ugh..​.

Gregory A. Thompson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
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