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[Xmca-l] Re: Nate's new webpage on Vygotsky

like Henry, i find the metaphor 'scaffolding' a useful term, and at the same time i'm also strengthening that metaphor with Brian Cambourne's "conditions for learning" that lead to student engagement, as well as how it relates to student engagement (Marzano), Fisher's "gradual release of responsibility" and Lave & Wenger's "community of practice"  -  in combination these works (along with critical race theory and queer theory, identity theory, Foucault's understanding of power - an impoverished listing here) provide a far richer, more complex understanding of student learning, than "motive" in CHAT.  

for me, theory is a mutable impression - much like a calligraphic haiku - in which theoretical understanding changes over time, context, relationships and experiences (again, an incomplete list).

i hope that there aren't too many attachments here.


Phillip White, PhD
Urban Community Teacher Education Program
Site Coordinator
Montview Elementary, Aurora, CO

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