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[Xmca-l] Re: Vygotsky, bernstein and halliday

Carol, I also would like a copy. 

The discussion of the metaphor of *scaffolding* which seems to have intuitive appeal but is questioned is also a comment on the power of *metaphor* for forming [and transforming] *modes* of consciousness.

Scaffolding as a metaphor *indicates/gestures* towards the relation of passing on already formed ideas, concepts, names which the listener is to receive and appropriate. It is a *construction* metaphor.  The *building* as David says is already *assumed* to be *designed*

The relation of the *literal* to the *metaphorical* seems important to consider in this metaphor and more generally in the transformative power of metaphor 

Is the boundary and contrast between *metaphorical* and *literal* clear or fuzzy?

The boundary between *is*  *as*   *as if*  seems to be fluid and yet deeply implicated in our understandings and explanations

For example the metaphors *scaffolding*  *boundaries*  *permeability*  fluid*  *construction*  *constituted*  *modes*  are examples of metaphors used.  What do we *mean* by *modes* of consciousness.  How *real* are *modes*??

James Ma in his 2014  article he recently posted [ The Synergy of Peirce and Vygotsky AS an Analytical Approach to the Multimodality of Semiotic Mediation* seems to have potential for relating what he refers to as Vygotsky’s *deductive* focus and Peirce’s *abductive* approach.

 to approach the relation of the metaphorical and literal and their *fuzzy boundaries* within *fuzzy logic*  may be  contrasted  *clear and distinct* nominalistic notions.

James Ma explores the notion of *multimodality* [pluralistic modes] such as words AND images

Peirce also developed a concept *interpretive MUSINGS* that I would like leads to follow up.

The centrality of Peirce’s notion of *musings* and its relation to *metaphoricity* and to *abduction* and to *multimodality* I am curious to explore further.

For that I may need *scaffolding* and *building blocks* to constitute [or be constituted by] within  multiple pluralistic polythematic *arrangements* and *orders*


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I would also like a copy, without having to pay $35 for the article.


PS Why don't they  (T&F) open source papers so far back?

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> I would also like a copy please.
> Shirley
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> > Anyone have a copy of this?
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> > Vygotsky, bernstein and halliday: Towards a unified theory of L1 and L2
> learning
> > Language, Culture and Curriculum
> > Volume 4<http://www.tandfonline.com/loi/rlcc20?open=4#vol_4>, Issue 1<
> http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rlcc20/4/1>, 1991
> >
> > DOI:
> > 10.1080/07908319109525092
> > Joseph Foley
> >
> >
> > <http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/07908319109525092>

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