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[Xmca-l] Spinoza on xmca

Hi David and Henry--

David-- I was intrigued by your comment that Spinoza is a controversial
topic on xmca. I googled Spinoza on the main web page and came up with 4K
plus hits (!!). My own impression is that few on this list, me included,
have engaged in serious study of Spinoza let alone the imprint of Spinoza
on Vygotsky.

What is the nature of the controversy? What is at stake? The topic is of
particular interest to me at present because I have been part of
discussions with people who are focused on Vygotsky's use of perezhivanie
in his later work, where the relation of emotion and cognition is a central
concern and Spinoza is clearly relevant.

Henry and anyone interested in chasing down what has been written about
various topics in xmca chatter, take advantage of the nice google search at


(who enmeshed in the sense/meaning distinction in all of its multilingual
confusifications at present)