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[Xmca-l] Re: About 「hope 」 in socio-cultural research

For more on-the-grouod explicit  "hope-oriented" programs, see the work of Akom and D'Andrade at http://iseed.org from California,
and, in particular, Duncan-Andrade, J. M. (2009). Note to educators: Hope required when growing roses in concrete. Harvard Educational Review, 79(2), 181-194. PDF

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On Aug 24, 2014, at 10:57 AM, 陳 晶晶 <chenjingjing007@hotmail.co.jp> wrote:

> Dear XMAL community:
> My name is Jingjing Chen, a graduate student of doctoral program  in department of Psychology.I am sending this email to search for some help.
> I am interested in the development of hope among high school students (especially whom is studying in a vocational high school , where most students are from poor disadvantaged family in Japan.)Previous research   are more like viewing  hope as a cognitive and individual ingredient, while I am trying to describe it using socio-cultural approach.
> I am still looking for  more information about hope research, so any published work about hope or any relational research will be very helpful for me.It will also be a great honor and pleasure if anyone can give me  suggestion about my project.
> Thank you for your attention.All the best wishes.
> sincerelyJingJing
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