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[Xmca-l] About 「hope 」 in socio-cultural research

Dear XMAL community:
My name is Jingjing Chen, a graduate student of doctoral program  in department of Psychology.I am sending this email to search for some help.
I am interested in the development of hope among high school students (especially whom is studying in a vocational high school , where most students are from poor disadvantaged family in Japan.)Previous research   are more like viewing  hope as a cognitive and individual ingredient, while I am trying to describe it using socio-cultural approach.
I am still looking for  more information about hope research, so any published work about hope or any relational research will be very helpful for me.It will also be a great honor and pleasure if anyone can give me  suggestion about my project.
Thank you for your attention.All the best wishes.


JingJing Chen

Doctoral Program in Psychology,

Graduate School of Comprehensive Human

University of Tsukuba