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[Xmca-l] Re: A request for assistance

Dear xxxxx

I would love to read this chapter when it is done.
	Esther Goody

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This is the chapter researching-comparing the Bright Start curriculum 
(Vygotsky,Piagetian and Feuerstein based) vs various populations including 
first language as well as a DISTAR preschool curriculum. Avram Rips: Brooks,

P. H. & Haywood, H. C. (2003). A preschool mediational context: The Bright
Start curriculum. In A. S. S. Hoon, L. P. K. Hoo
n, & O
S. Tan (Eds
, Mediated
learning experience with children: Applications across contexts
, 98
Singapore: McGraw
Hill Education (Asia).
The Bright Start curriculum is described in the context of its theoretical 
base, with
description of the
curriculum itself and its teaching methods. Evaluative research
is organized by questions, such as effects on scholastic aptitude 
effects on cognitive development, effects on motivation to learn, effects on
subsequent school achievement.
An appendix contains practical information:
how to purchase the curriculum, training of teachers, trainers, non