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[Xmca-l] Re: Paula Towsey

Dear Colleagues
Paula Towsey's funeral service is today at 11.30 (SA time).  Flowers have been delivered to the church on behalf of the Xmca community, and Carol Macdonald will read a tribute also on behalf of xmca
In consultation with Barbara Smith, Paula's sister, she made a request to this forum that 
"everyone light a candle for her tomorrow as i have already asked some so that there will be candles lit for her all around the world this i will be mentioning at her service - also that i am compiling a file of all the wishes coming in which i will make copies of for anyone who wishes
its all so sudden and the best any of us can do is to honour her by being glad that she touched our lives "

Messages can  be sent to Barbara at: bmsmith05@gmail.com


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Fellow XMCA-ers

Sorry I have been away today, and didn't update people on the latest
information about Paula.  Here is a message from her sister:

Paula was alone at home on sunday night when she apparently fell and hit
her head and by the time help came on monday morning - it was too late
unbelievable tragedy
Her funeral is planned for tuesday 12 at 11:30 in the Bryanston Catholic
please light a candle for her

I will read a tribute from XMCA for Paula at her funeral, and will tell you
about the flowers from you guys.  I haven't spoken to her husband John yet,
so don't yet know what the post-mortem showed about the exact cause of her

I will write and tell you about the service later on Tuesday.


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