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[Xmca-l] Paula Towsey

Fellow XMCA-ers

Sorry I have been away today, and didn't update people on the latest
information about Paula.  Here is a message from her sister:

Paula was alone at home on sunday night when she apparently fell and hit
her head and by the time help came on monday morning - it was too late
unbelievable tragedy
Her funeral is planned for tuesday 12 at 11:30 in the Bryanston Catholic
please light a candle for her

I will read a tribute from XMCA for Paula at her funeral, and will tell you
about the flowers from you guys.  I haven't spoken to her husband John yet,
so don't yet know what the post-mortem showed about the exact cause of her

I will write and tell you about the service later on Tuesday.


Carol A  Macdonald Ph D (Edin)
Developmental psycholinguist
Academic, Researcher,  and Editor
Honorary Research Fellow: Department of Linguistics, Unisa