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[Xmca-l] Re: Intrinsic motivation?

Can I just respond very briefly to your final comment concerning your research, using Leontyev's conception of objective motives and personal motives. This is the kind of dualism which I find very unhelpful.

What is an objective motive? Or to put it another way, what motive is there which is not personal?

*Andy Blunden*

Maria Cristina Migliore wrote:

thank you for your comments.

My whole paragraph is: "I agree that my development is not the development
– for example - of my Institute of Research. But this is because I am
participating in (and to) many other activities. Not because me and my
Institute are two separated entities."

That is, me and my Institute have a development which can overlap.

When I talk in my email about the cultural tools developed in our
collaborative work in my Institute, I am not referring to the issue of
'making up words'. I meant to refer that the development overlaps because
my colleagues and me we have internalized the same cultural tools (however
in a subjective way).

All cows are not black for me, because I look at the personal relationship
that each older worker (going back to my research) has with the
motive/object of the activity. To be precise, I look at the personal sense
of the motive.