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[Xmca-l] Exciting Position leading unusual PRESCHOOL: PLEASE SEE IMMEDIATELY, THANKS!

We need your help to fill this exciting and influential position:

We are seeking a director for the laboratory preschool of Brooklyn College,
which serves the diverse and international students of Brooklyn College and
their families.  This preschool is positioned to become a model preschool,
and also to work in collaboration with Reggio Emilia inspired Swedish
preschools.  In these Swedish preschools a respect for children as
competent and creative, and for teachers and their profession, is combined
with a commitment to serving all students and to creating caring, hopeful,
preschool communities.

As a laboratory preschool, faculty, teachers, and graduate students are
welcomed to conduct research that is designed to benefit children,
teachers, and families. The staff of the preschool are working with the
Early Childhood and Art Education Department of Brooklyn College to develop
an ongoing collaboration with Swedish preschool educators, who visit the
preschool to learn about our work with families, early intervention,
bilingual curriculum, and community and materials which celebrate diversity
of all kinds.  And the preschool will not only serve as a model for other
preschools, but will continue to collaborate with other innovative
preschools that are working towards improving early childhood education in
our city.
We are looking for a person with the vision, energy, and expertise to help
improve early childhood education in our city through their leadership of
this innovative and internationally connected laboratory preschool, and
particularly for a person who is excited by the prospect of working with
their preschool staff and international preschool educators to discover new
directions and possibilities

(I may not have sent to people who are most closely connected to position
listings and/or around in the summer, esp. for TC, Bank St. and the Wonder
of Learning exhibit, so please do send on these ways if you know the right
person ... thanks!)

*PLEASE CONTACT ME -- *Beth Ferholt at bferholt@gmail.com -- * WITH

ATTACHED IS THE CUNY CALL with application instructions, below is a link
concerning recent events related to the preschool and the attached flyer
connect to this.


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