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[Xmca-l] Re: The ideal head

"The whole Darwinian theory of the struggle for existence is simply the transference from society to animate nature of Hobbes’ theory of the war of every man against every man and the bourgeois economic theory of competition, along with the Malthusian theory of population." Engels 1875 https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1875/letters/75_11_12.htm
*Andy Blunden*

Peter Smagorinsky wrote:
Thanks Mike. I'm presently working my way through Darwin's On the Origin of Species as part of my effort to understand the notion of adaptation. Although he is a naturalist, he does talk about people, and I was a bit surprised to see how he characterizes non-Europeans as savages and barbarians--at least part of him was a social Darwinist, something that was actually advanced by Spencer to justify the sorts of cruel individualism practiced in competitive industrialized societies. I'll paste in something representative, which may appear as an attachment. P


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Hi Peter. I had a similar experience regarding the accidental discovery of literature containing those colonialist-era books. My example was written for high level scholars over a century ago, but it, like this piece, expresses views that have not by any means disappeared in the intervening century.

Nor has the resulting violence seemed to have eased.



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I wrote this very short essay that some might find interesting, and

have linked to the page that includes reader comments, which are

prolific and edifying for those who believe in the progress of human

thinking. p