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[Xmca-l] Re: The ideal head

Hi Peter. I had a similar experience regarding the accidental discovery of
literature containing those colonialist-era books. My example was written
for high level scholars over a century ago, but it, like this piece,
expresses views that have not by any means disappeared in the intervening

Nor has the resulting violence seemed to have eased.


On Sat, Jul 19, 2014 at 12:03 PM, Peter Smagorinsky <smago@uga.edu> wrote:

> http://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2014/07/the-ideal-head-bizarre-racial-teachings-from-a-100-year-old-textbook/374693/#comments
> I wrote this very short essay that some might find interesting, and have
> linked to the page that includes reader comments, which are prolific and
> edifying for those who believe in the progress of human thinking. p

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