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[Xmca-l] Fwd: NYTimes.com: The Push to Understand the Placenta

Dear Colleagues-- This is a really fascinating article about the earliest
stages of human development. There are many developmentalists who believe
that embryology is a model of all human development. If that is so,
consider the implications of the following from this article:

[The uteris is invaded by] weirdly powerful cells, which storm the uterus
like an invading army and commandeer a woman’s body for nine months to keep
her fetus alive. The placenta is the life support system for the fetus. A
disk of tissue attached to the uterine lining on one side and to the
umbilical cord on the other, *it grows from the embryo’s cells, not the
mother’s*.  (my bolding).

So we build our own niches out of the material of the environment within
which we were conceived.

Conceive of that!



    Agency of the embryo     Sent by sashacole510@gmail.com:      The Push
to Understand the Placenta

Given the placenta’s vital role, and all that can go wrong in pregnancy,
relatively little is known about the organ, but that makes it fertile
territory for potential medical breakthroughs.
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