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[Xmca-l] Re: "Crises as way for inner life" (Vygotsky apud Asmolov)

... which raises the intriguing question, Achilles, as to what Vygotsky meant exactly by "lytical" or "gradual" development. Is this also nevertheless a form of crisis?
*Andy Blunden*

Achilles Delari Junior wrote:
Excuse me, once more

In the preface for 1993 Russian edition of "Vygotsky and Luria. Studies about history of behavior [...]" Moscow: Pedagogika-Press", Aleksandr Asmolov quotes in epigraph: "Кризисы — это не временное состояние, а путь внутренней жизни." (Л. Выготский). Something like this:
"Crises - this is not a temporary situation, but a way for inner life" (L. Vygotsky)

This can not sound more Vygotskyan to me. But I guess I never read this before anywhere. And Asmolov did not put the actual bibliographic reference. I begin searching in entire Tom IV, where the problem of "Vozrastny Krizis" (Age crises)  is very important for the more advanced Vygotsky's concept of development. But the exact entry was not there.  Somebody have any suggestion? Off course, I will search another five volumes as well, but I guess I never read this before... My memory is not so good nowadays, but this phrase is specially impressive. This is also methodologically important. Because here we have a more productive, not mechanistic, interpretation of dialectical human condition as permanent conflict understood as social/personal way to we became what we not was until now... In my point of view.

Thank you, again.

Achilles from Brazil, always in the "way"...