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[Xmca-l] Re: "Crises as way for inner life" (Vygotsky apud Asmolov)

Ask an  Asmolov!

On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 7:56 PM, Achilles Delari Junior <achilles@delari.net>

> Excuse me, once more
> In the preface for 1993 Russian edition of "Vygotsky and Luria. Studies
> about history of behavior [...]" Moscow: Pedagogika-Press", Aleksandr
> Asmolov quotes in epigraph:
> "Кризисы — это не временное состояние, а путь внутренней жизни." (Л.
> Выготский).
> Something like this:
> "Crises - this is not a temporary situation, but a way for inner life" (L.
> Vygotsky)
> This can not sound more Vygotskyan to me. But I guess I never read this
> before anywhere. And Asmolov did not put the actual bibliographic
> reference. I begin searching in entire Tom IV, where the problem of
> "Vozrastny Krizis" (Age crises)  is very important for the more advanced
> Vygotsky's concept of development. But the exact entry was not there.
>  Somebody have any suggestion? Off course, I will search another five
> volumes as well, but I guess I never read this before... My memory is not
> so good nowadays, but this phrase is specially impressive. This is also
> methodologically important. Because here we have a more productive, not
> mechanistic, interpretation of dialectical human condition as permanent
> conflict understood as social/personal way to we became what we not was
> until now... In my point of view.
> Thank you, again.
> Achilles from Brazil, always in the "way"...