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[Xmca-l] Vygotsky and social insurgence process? [thank you Bella]

Thank you very much, Bella,

It's very sad, but false claims for freedom to everybody (only for change roles in slave-master play) had being very common around the world, along centuries. I am far way from first plane in public life, because I am a solitary pensioner. And almost all public affairs turns something pathogenic for me, unfortunately. But I have some free time, and can try to understand better the world around and inside - and write, there is no more social spaces available for "public exercise of Reason" (Kant). =]

Therefore, at least, I may dialogue with my son and try to help him to have a better life than I had. I wonder all young people must have the right to dream, because dreams also creates "zones of proximal development" - but take care for not leave deep dreams because superficial illusions and/or ambition. I am fine. Crisis are a way to inner life - a way of development - I repeat from Vygotsky. In any situation, we must remain in movement: reading, writing, talking to, asking for, answering about some subjects really important for us. This is very good for our health.  

Ow... Thank you very much for your so deep and meaningful contributions - talking us about your experiencing and that of close people, in so hard times. Thank you for your text in English, is still easier for me. My Russian is nowadays better than before, but I remain a beginner. I saw that you publish, I guess, about the same subject, also in PsyAnima. Congratulations. The links and other indications will be very important too. Thank you a lot. My copy of "Teatr i revolutsia" is here = https://mega.co.nz/#!b8RRzYba!mFhzH3TU0zvUENWoK7Q53irrpO78ZonuAiGXdgc6khI (Megaupload). 

It's very interesting, it is in the old alphabet yet... but with dictionary and help of my Russian teacher (by Skype) I can translate. It's very nice to learn about Vygotsky and to learn Russian Language at the same time. Well, things are not so bad, at the end. I hope to help, at least, closest people to not listen so seriously some kinds of "revolutionary" proposals... I already listen some false claims for freedom. I fight many more than the propagandists to finish very worse than them. I was so naive. =]

Best wishes. Shalom!
[I'm not secure if is respectful a Christian say "Shalom", but, please listen as a respectful act]

Achilles from Brazil.

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Assunto: [Xmca-l] Re: Vygotsky and social insurgence process? [compiling some posts]

Achilles I can understand your perezhyvanie and hope you will overcome thislegitimate crises. Growing up long after the Revolution with so much empty talks aboutRevolution, I as many of my generation stopped to listen to official talks,and only at some later points in life the real meaning just stroke me. Once (seems sometime in 1970th) a student from Afghanistan in Moscow atthe starting point of turmoils at her homeland said in deep depression: "Doyou know what does it mean Revolution? It is when you see a carpet fromyour home at the home of your neighbour".  and another time at thebeginning of 90thwhen I met a group of young drunk "kozaks" who looked as dressed for a kindof carnival,I felt real fear thinking that диктатура пролетариата, so much officiallypraised could mean that tomorrow these boys would start to dictate me theway of life and activities, like in happened once in China. These is mysmall contribution to the discussion on "The role of perezhyvanija inconcept development".You can find:Путь к свободе http://magazines.russ.ru/nlo/2007/85/za7.htmlTheater and Revolution I have to look for better copy, meanwhile repeatedattachment (Hebrew is only at the cover page, paper is in English).Sincerely yours Bella Kotik-FriedgutOn Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 4:59 PM, Achilles Delari Junior  wrote:>> Ow, thank you for thanks me... I was only a little retribution. =]>>> ​>>>>> ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────> De: "Shirley Franklin"> Em: Quinta-feira 03 de Julho de 2014 10:45,> Para: xmca-l@mailman.ucsd.edu> Assunto: [Xmca-l] Re: Vygotsky and social insurgence process? [compiling>      some posts]Brilliant, Archilles. Thanks so muchShirleySent from my> iPhone> On 3 Jul 2014, at 14:20, Achilles Delari Junior   wrote:> > David,> Bella and Valerie, > > I put all our posts together in time order, it was> important to me and I want to share, and thank you again.> > Best wishes.>> See you.> >> From Brazil, still with very much to lost beyond our chains.> =]> > ​>>>