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[Xmca-l] Re: Collaborative projects

Critical Sociology has said they will provide a free copy to someone in the US who can do a review of the book for them. So here's an opporunity for someone with a critical-sociological bent to get a free copy.
*Andy Blunden*

Andy Blunden wrote:
The edited volume on collaborative projects is now in print:

It's far too expensive for anyone here to buy, until the paperback comes out in a year's time, but if anyone is in a position to get their libraries to buy it, you could get it that way. Or if you can convince some journal to commission you to review it, we can get you a free copy.

Here's the Table of Contents:
Introduction: ‘Collaborative project’ - Andy Blunden
Part 1: Research Projects
1 The projective method as the basis of continuous education - G. G. Kravtsov & E. E. Kravtsova 2 The dialectics of collective and individual transformation.- Eduardo Vianna, Naja Hougaard & Anna Stetsenko
3 Could Life Be… Producing subjectivity in participation. - Morten Nissen
4 Rhythms of collaboration. - Vera John-Steiner
5 Seeking to combat educational inequality: The 5th Dimension. - Michael Cole & Virginia Gordon & William Blanton 6 Formation of the concept of “Collaborative Learning Space”. - Andy Blunden & Michael Arnold
7 Mayslake: Starting from scratch. - Helena Worthen
8 The collaborative project of public deliberation. - Ron Lubensky
9 Vygotskian collaborative project of social transformation. - Anna Stetsenko & Igor M. Arievitch
10 Change through collaboration. - Jennifer Power
11 The miracle fiber exposed as a deadly threat - Lynn Beaton & Andy Blunden
12 Tahrir: A project(ion) of revolutionary change. - Brecht De Smet
Part 2: Reflections
13 Alterglobalization and the Limits of Prefigurative Politics. - Brecht De Smet
14 A reflection on the feminist movement - Lynn Beaton
15 The peer activist learning community: A peer perspective. - Mike Rifino, Keiko Matsuura & Francisco Medina
16 Reflection on collective and individual transformation. - Ron Lubensky
17 Play through the prism of projects. 229 - Natalia Gajdamaschko
18 Human flourishing in developmental education schools. - Chiel van der Veen & Lynne Wolbert 19 Reflection on complementarity and mutual appropriation. - Vera John-Steiner
20 Spirited collaborations. - Greg Thompson
21 Emotional commitment - Manfred Holodynski
22 Projects, activity systems. - Helena Worthen
23 Toward a mesogenetic methodology. - Michael Cole
24 Conclusion: Time and activity. - Andy Blunden