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[Xmca-l] Re: About Vygotsky and Bar-Kokhba [Бар-Кохба (בר כוכבא‎)]. Bella or somebody can instruct me?

Simon Bar Kochba as the real Christ? That seems to me quite a statement. 

> Op 21 jun. 2014 om 10:17 heeft David Kellogg <dkellogg60@gmail.com> het volgende geschreven:
> Achilles:
> Actually, Bar Kochba was the real Jesus Christ. There was a biography of
> Christ called "Zealot" written not long ago which raised a big scandal in
> the USA because it was written by a Muslim. The really revolutionary thing
> about the book, though, was that it tried to understand what Christ must
> have meant to the Jews of his time. Actually, there were hundreds of
> Christs--political leaders of the Jews who declared themselves Messiahs and
> tried to get rid of Roman rule, ending up crucified.
> Bar Kochba was different because he actually succeeded. That is, the Romans
> were expelled from Judea, and a real Jewish state was set up for three
> years (until 132 AD, if I remember correctly). Then the Romans took Judea
> back, and murdered everybody even remotely connected with the successful
> rebellion. The Christians, who had never been sympathetic to the rebellion
> in the first place (because of course they had already had their Messiah)
> at this point became a strongly pro-Roman religion, and decided to convert
> non-Jews, eventually winning over the Emperor himself.
> As you probably know, there was a big debate over "Liberation Theology" in
> Latin America during the sixties. A lot of this centred around the
> discovery by some Latin American priests that prior to the pro-Roman turn,
> Christianity had been a strongly revolutionary creed associated with
> someone who was, in essence, a somewhat premature Bar Kochba.
> A final note, just because I like to tie threads together and we have been
> talking about play. The Forbidden Colors game which Leontiev uses in his
> studies of attention and will is related to a traditional Jewish
> "Yes/No"game called "Bar Kochba".
> David Kellogg
> Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
>> On 21 June 2014 14:49, Achilles Delari Junior <achilles@delari.net> wrote:
>> Please, dear professors,
>> In front Vygotsky's publications about poetry, theatre and arts in
>> general, from Gomel's 1921/1922 period, I turn motivated to know something
>> about the relation of Vygotsky as man (tchelovek), citizen and young
>> thinker, with different kinds of insurgent social process, struggling for
>> freedom. For instance there are, at least, 3 different situations of this
>> kind touched by him in those newspaper publications : (1) Bar-Kohba; (2)
>> The Dekabrists; and (3) October Revolution. But what more deeply touch me
>> is just the first one, because I really do not know nothing about, and
>> seems to be very very important in Jewish long history for Land and
>> Freedom. And, believe me or not, this is important for many people here in
>> my country, not necessarily Jews. If you pleased, could you help me to find
>> more reliable sources about the historical process in which was envolved
>> Bar-Kohba? If the answer would be excessively obvious - sorry for spend
>> your time with me. I will search better by myself. Thank you, a lot.
>> Achilles, from Brazil.