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[Xmca-l] About Vygotsky and Bar-Kokhba [Бар-Кохба (בר כוכבא‎)]. Bella or somebody can instruct me?

Please, dear professors,

In front Vygotsky's publications about poetry, theatre and arts in general, from Gomel's 1921/1922 period, I turn motivated to know something about the relation of Vygotsky as man (tchelovek), citizen and young thinker, with different kinds of insurgent social process, struggling for freedom. For instance there are, at least, 3 different situations of this kind touched by him in those newspaper publications : (1) Bar-Kohba; (2) The Dekabrists; and (3) October Revolution. But what more deeply touch me is just the first one, because I really do not know nothing about, and seems to be very very important in Jewish long history for Land and Freedom. And, believe me or not, this is important for many people here in my country, not necessarily Jews. If you pleased, could you help me to find more reliable sources about the historical process in which was envolved Bar-Kohba? If the answer would be excessively obvious - sorry for spend your time with me. I will search better by myself. Thank you, a lot.

Achilles, from Brazil.