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[Xmca-l] Playing with/at TED

Hi All,
Peter kindly posted a link to a talk I gave last month at a TEDx event—TEDxNavesink Play. 
Aside from the prep being among the hardest things I've ever done (staying within their rules and structure, not being academic but saying something new for people to think about, and more), it was a delight to be with folks who appreciate and value play—many of whom are affording people in their communities with the opportunity to play in all kinds of ways. It was really growthful for me and my team. I was really pleased to reconnect with Peter Gray after many years and to meet other good people. The one-day event was organized are 4 P's—possibility, pleasure, progress and paradox. I invite you all to include these talks within your conversation here—even though they're not theoretical. Maybe it's a new kind of play for many. 

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