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[Xmca-l] basic prerequisites for CHAT supervision?

In consideration of a simple list of requirements for good supervision in
CHAT, the following criteria seem important to me.  Has anyone else thought
about this or tried to formulate it?  What would people amend?  Is there a
shared sense of what is important?

1. Personal commitment to a "pedagogic oath".
2. Thoroughgoing appreciation of cultural-historical conceptions and their
disparity from the norms of induction into social science, such as the more
profound notion of qualitative research on the basis of dialectical and
genetic considerations.
3. Interpersonal commitments informed by the intellectual knowledge, i.e. a
practicing awareness of ZPD that informs the vocational commitment (item 1).
4. A present social situational disposition to engage in interested
dialogue with the student that has substantive benefits for the supervisor
too (i.e not merely administrative ones).