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[Xmca-l] Re: new article available for discussion

Dear Jennifer,

I tried to access the article, but the system asks me for payment. The only piece I could access was the short CFP for this issue. 

By the way, does anybody know if ISCAR members have free access to the journal? 

Thank you very much, 


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Subject: [Xmca-l] new article available for discussion

Dear XMCA Folks,

We've been granted access to share Rolf Steier's article from Mind, Culture, and Activity, 21(2), just published. The Taylor and Francis Folks will open access to it on the web page below early next week.


If you have trouble accessing it let me know and I will help.

Rolf is on XMCA and has kindly agreed to respond to questions and engage in dialogue around this article, entitled Posing the question: Visitor posing as embodied interpretation in an art museum. The abstract is included below.

Best to everyone, jen

Posing the Question: Visitor Posing as Embodied Interpretation in an Art Museum

Rolf Steiera*

pages 148-170


This article identifies and explores posing by visitors to an art gallery as a unique meaning making activity. Conducted as a design experiment in partnership with a national art museum, this study builds on theoretical perspectives related to gesture and embodiment. Empirical findings suggest that particular posing activities function simultaneously to mediate internally and externally oriented processes of interpretation in encounters with art. Accordingly, these complex posing practices may be viewed as an integrated part of visitors' meaning making experiences. Implications for this research include expanding our understanding of the roles of the body in visitor's museum experiences.