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[Xmca-l] Bibler's concept of "formations of Reasoning"

Valdimir Bibler was recently mentioned on this site. He has participated in
creating the "School of the Dialogue of Cultures" which uses as its central
construct "formations or systems of reasoning".
Kozulin refers to this construct as "sociocultural schemas"
Binswanger refers to "world designs"
Gadamer refers to "horizons of understanding"

This construct does not see knowledge as *sublated* but each new
*formation* enters into dialogue with previous formations of consciousness
AND knowledge is the process OF REVEALING the dialogical nature of this
EMERGING encounter between formations of *reasoning*
Bibler has developed a school system where students engage in USING these
various formations of histrorically developed *reasons* as world-designs.

I'm fascinated with the family resemblance with Gadmer and Binswanger's
ideas as sharing common intersections.