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[Xmca-l] Re: Special Issue on Dialogue and Interactions in Developmental Methodologies

Hi Mike,

Normally you don't need to register - you register only if you want to
submit or edit a paper. You should be able to access the papers just my
clicking on the picture and then choosing one paper...
Please let me know if that is not working and I'll report the problem.

2014-04-30 1:10 GMT+02:00 mike cole <lchcmike@gmail.com>:

> Laure-- I tried to register but it would not accept my password. Very odd
> since I just registered.
> Is there a help desk??
> mike
> On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 3:25 AM, Laure Kloetzer <laure.kloetzer@gmail.com>wrote:
>> Dear colleagues,
>> A new special issue of Outlines - critical social practice - has been
>> released (freely available online,
>> http://ojs.statsbiblioteket.dk/index.php/outlines, see content below).
>> This
>> has been a long work issued from a very dense ISCAR symposium and we are
>> pleased that these papers are now available. We thought some papers may be
>> of interest to some XMCA readers. Sorry if you got the info already.
>> Best Easter wishes,
>> Laura Seppänen and Laure Kloetzer
>> Editorial: Dialogues and interaction as "the nursery for change" PDF
>> Laura Kloetzer, Laura Seppänen  01-04
>> Examining Developmental Dialogue: the Emergence of Transformative Agency
>> PDF
>> Heli Heikkila, Laura Seppänen  05-30
>> Developing a Tool for Cross-Functional Collaboration: the Trajectory of an
>> Annual Clock PDF
>> Riikka Ruotsala  31-53
>> Controversy as a Developmental Tool in Cross Self-Confrontation Analysis
>> PDF
>> Katia Kostulski, Laure Kloetzer  54-73
>> Activity Clinic and Affects in Workplace Conflicts: Transformation through
>> transferential activity PDF
>> Livie Sheller  74-92
>> Pre-service Teachers' Appropriation of Conceptual Tools PDF
>> Honorine Nocon, Ellen H. Robinson  93-118
>> The Interplay of Developmental and Dialogical Epistemologies PDF
>> Ritva Engeström  119-138