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[Xmca-l] Re: Psychology of Language

I would sign on to that. I do have an old chapter with Paul Tatter that
appeared in a volume edited by Bruce Bain: The Sociogenesis of Language and
Human Conduct with an introduction by Mike.  If you end up with a book of
readings this book may offer some pickings for you, including Courtney
Cazden, Dell Hymes and Ivan Illich. I would also like to suggest a short
book by Dan Slobin on Psycholinguistics.
The chapter headings you enumerate in a previous e-mail sound a little heavy
on experimental work and light on narrative and discourse analysis.

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Let me add that if Laure's suggestion is that we work on an xmca
collectively-authored text(book), I would be all in favor!


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If not: why wouldn't we edit this textbook that we need ?