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[Xmca-l] Films of developmental education

I have a current live enquiry with a member of staff at the library of
congress with respect to a film titled "2 x 2 = X".  This is following the
remarks in Repkin (2003, p.83):

"the Kharkov television studio shot the film 2 x 2 = x, which was broadcast
with success on the programs of Central Television. *"

"* This documentary was the first public introduction of Developmental
Education.  A copy of the film is now available in the Library of Congress.
-- Ed."

The librarian has been unable to find it yet, however.

Does anyone know of further details, such as when the film was made?

Also, more broadly, is anyone aware of other sources of films on
Elkonin-Davydov "Developmental Education"?


Repkin, V. V. (2003) From the History of Research into the Problems of
Developmental Teaching in Kharkov.  *Journal of Russian and East European
Psychology*, 41(5), pp. 77-96.