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On page 104 of Charles Brazerman's book which he posted through this site
he is exploring Harry Stack Sullivan and mentions in 1939 that Sullivan was
instrumental in having Vygotsky's work introduced to North America,[in 1939]

The reason I find this conjunction fascinating is the centrality of
security and anxiety management within personality formation in Sullivan's
theory of  interpersonal  psychiatry

Brazerman, in the first half of his book, interweaves three distinct genres
[Vygotsky, Schultz, and Mead/Sullivan]  and suggests that currently there
is a growing interest in engaging in all 3 traditions which can expand each
genre through this cultural exchange. In the spirit of Mead's position
exchange theory and Sullivan's interweaving Mead and Sapir within
Sullivan's  developmental  line of inquiry, the centrality of *anxiety and
security* management is brought to the fore in Brazerman's book.
This line of inquiry then extends into the way writing can be a way of
managing security and anxiety.

Brazerman's book as presented in developing these 3 genres in conjunction
is a
valuable way of *reading* the contributions of each genre in relation to
each other.