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[Xmca-l] Ilyenkov and Vygotsky

Dear xmca colleagues,

I am still struggling to learn philosophy and the philosophical foundations
of CHAT.

Righ now I am reading Ilyenkov "Dialetical
and the "thinking body" concept presented on chapter 2, about Spinoza, is
really interesting.

So after listening to some claims of the relationship between Vygotsky and
Ilyenkov (that I discovered was also involved in the Zagorsk experiment), I
searched the internet and found this paper
some critics to Vygotsky and Leontiev from the perspective of Ilyenkov (and

I don't know much philosophy yet, and I am also not so familiar with
Leontiev's theory, so I wanted some opinion on these critics if possible.

Also I was wondering if it is reasonable to approach Ilyenkov "thinking
body" with Vygotsky "*perezhivanie*".

Thank you