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[Xmca-l] Re: Fwd: Things Fall Apart listed as "trigger warning"

College students are evidently adults. They are smart enough to curtail particular kinds of ideas by claiming personal protection from such ideas. The principle of protection can be used both ways. After this case, I would not be astonished if students start imposing restrictions on what they are thought. The whole sociocultural situation needs to be reconsidered with a fine balance among privileged ideas, individual rights, public good, etc. 

I have heard that the leftist organizations in the US had manuals for organized struggle. Several years ago the Tea Party activists used these manuals to craft their own versions. People are quick learners. They can take any tool and use it to their own benefit. Tools are tools. Neutral. It is the people who used them in accepted or unacceptable ways. We need to focus more on that side. 

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This is disgusting. Aren't college students adults? They could carry a gun, drive a car and vote for president of the main military power in the world but they have to be protected from "sensitive material"? And what is that? I doubt faculty is using tenure (if they have it) to disseminate offending material... This will destroy university life. Those faculty voting that should read a bit of Philip Roth (The human stain, may be).

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> Subject: Things Fall Apart listed as "trigger warning"
> I hope the story below does not upset you, so if you are concerned, I 
> hereby excuse you from reading it. On the other hand, if you teach at 
> an institution of higher learning, you might brave the text.
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> http://www.latimes.com/opinion/editorials/la-ed-trigger-warnings-20140
> 331,0,6700908.story#ixzz2xkhRnkSo
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