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[Xmca-l] Re: decision-making

It's not strictly 'psychological', but I think you would enjoy a piece by Marshall Ganz in American Journal of Sociology year 2000 (sorry, I don't have the precise reference to hand) - on decision-making in the Farmworkers Union in California. It includes a brilliant description of a surprising decision being made.

Colin Barker
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Does anyone know of any detailed psychological studies of how an
informal group of people (preferably adults and certainly people who
knew each other), make a collective decision. I have heard of studies of
how juries work, which is interesting, but I would prefer something less
'artificial' and formal, perhaps in a work situation. I have read stuff
about collective cognition (e.g. scientists) but I mean more ordinary
decisions of daily life, not science.

Any recommendations?
*Andy Blunden*

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