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[Xmca-l] Re: vygotsky's theory and symbolic interactionism

Dear Joseph - I’ve enjoyed reading your posting and I agree with you about emphasizing our own questioning and holding ourselves accountable for our influences (I think this is an implication of your note). I’m here in Philadelphia at the American Educational Research Association for two presentations on the 4 & 6 th April where I’m holding myself accountable for living as fully as possible the values I identify as contributing to a flourishing of humanity. Both papers can be accessed from the What’s New section of http://www.actionresearch.net .

On 2 Apr 2014, at 12:49, Joseph Gilbert <joeg4us@roadrunner.com> wrote:

> May I suggest that you-all emphasize your own questioning and thinking rather than mainly referring to great innovators and thinkers of the past. By concentrating on what has already been said by recognized authorities, one stays mired in the past. It is natural for intelligent, conscious beings to have their own wonderings/questions. What are yours? Do you wish to remake the world in any way? Would you like to have a peaceful planet for your grandchildren? What needs to be done in order to achieve that? How about a new perception, an updated world-view, based upon our best current knowledge of human nature? Just as many Christians look backward to Jesus to chart their course, academicians in this current corporate state tend to remain stuck in the already accepted arguments and premises established long ago. Please break free and really accomplish something useful with your wealth of knowledge rather than mostly engaging in "small talk" among your cohorts in an isolated ivory tower. We (humanity) need all the help we can get. It seems you should be able to do more than split hairs among yourselves while the real needs of the world go unaddressed. Get back to the basics and build from there, using what you really believe to be true as your navigational instruments. Think for yourselves! Be original! Be relevant! Be useful!
> 		Joseph Gilbert

Love Jack.
When Martin Dobson, a colleague, died in 2002 the last thing he said to me
was 'Give my Love to the Department'. In the 20 years I'd worked with
Martin it was his loving warmth of humanity that I recall with great life
affirming pleasure and I'm hoping that in Love Jack we can share this
value of common humanity.

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