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[Xmca-l] Ignorance as a driver in science

Dear colleagues,

As part of an introduction course on psychology here in France, I plan to
work with my students partly on Stuart Firestein's book on the value of
Ignorance to drive scientific research. I would like to ask you a related
question. Would you accept to share with the community here your answers to
the following question:

Which are the unsolved psychological questions on which you would dream to
get an answer in the next ten years ?

I plan to ask the same question to the COGDEV online community (cognition
and development).

The goal would be (a) to show the students that there are a lot of things
that we don't know yet, (b) that this "ignorance" is exciting, and (c) to
compare how different researchers / fields frame the field of ignorance,
(d) to relate these current psychological questions to our life and world.
I guess my perspective is to wonder how we may open alternatives to an
accumulative model of science, which prevents the students from engaging
truly in exploration, as they believe they don't know the basics (which is
also true. They also need to understand the basics, but not to be crushed
under them).

What do you think of this ? What would your unsolved psychological
questions be ?
Thanks for your help,