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[Xmca-l] Re: Heidegger’s Notebooks Renew Focus on Anti-Semitism - NYTimes.com

Hi David,

Yes, this always the problem with Heidegger: his appalling politics, both professional and personal.  However, the conceptual problem he was working on was also important to philosophers with very different politics. For example, Lucien Goldmann found parallels between Heidegger and Lukacs (ref below). I find it helpful to (try to) understand what Heidegger was trying to do, and also understand how a philosopher of human existence was unable to prevent himself from becoming a very unpleasant human being. (The problem lies in his treatment of time, in my view.)


Goldmann, L. (1979). Lukacs and Heidegger: Towards a new philosophy. Routledge and Kegan Paul.

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> As an aside to the ongoing references to Heidegger... May be of interest or not. 
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