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[Xmca-l] Re: Bakhtin/Hegel

I presume Martin is leading us to the chapter by Jean-Francois Cote on Bakhtin and Hegel. I would be interested in any serious consideration of Hegel's philosophy in connecion with dialogue. Hegel himself only deals with dialogue as a means of explicating philosophy among the Greeks (other than a line where he says every work of Art is a dialogue with the viewer who confronts it), but it is really impossible to read Hegel's dialectic as anything other than a line of development driven by dialogue. Many writers have followed this lead, but alas always taking dialogue as a process which lacks mediation, which as such cannot grasp Hegel's meaning.

But what I find wierd with Cote's article is that he seems to take it as read that the subject matter of Hegel's philosophy is *introspection* in the manner of Husserl's phenomenology. It just is very much *not* that. I find this "reading" of Hegel to be very destructive as not only is it very alien to the whole spirit of Hegel's philosophy, but allows every word in his writing to be misinterpreted in a subjectivist way which does much to make Hegel's writing even more inaccessible than it was to begin with.

*Andy Blunden*

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