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[Xmca-l] Historical Epochs

 I am following up on your reflections on Vygotsky's Hamlet. He wrote this
in 1916 at the age of 20. Alex Kozulin, in chapter two [The Psychology of
Tragedy]  of his book [Vygotsky's Psychology] adds an extended note
speculating on the deeper affinity between the cultural positions of
Vygotsky and Pasternak. I found this speculative analysis fascinating
because Kozulin also pointed out that Pasternak studied philosophy in
Marburg in the 1920's. Therefore, the assumed affinity may have far
reaching implications.
Kozulin suggests if one looks at the novel *Zhivago*THROUGH THE LENS *of
Vygotsky's *Hamlet* AS A MYTH, as a tragedy with A WILL OF ITS OWN, then
the tragedy of the characters of Zhivago are a projection [ghost?] of the
Kozulin goes on in more detail [pages 69, 70, 71] for a single extended
This way of speculating goes BEYOND the personal and psychological and
speaks to an *epoch* at the turn of the century. Kozulin clearly is of the
opinion that Vygotsky in 1916 was identifying AS a humanistic intellectual.
Were he events that followed *germinated* at this historical point in time??
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