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[Xmca-l] Fwd: [gls] GLS Doctoral Consortium applications due in a week!

For doctoral students interested in the field of games and learning. Please
contact me at benjamin-devane@uiowa.edu with any questions.

On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 11:32 AM, Caro Williams <chair@glsconference.org>wrote:

> The Games+Learning+Society Doctoral Consortium offers select graduate
> students the opportunity for valuable career advice and critical feedback
> on their scholarship. Graduate students working on their dissertations will
> receive feedback on their research trajectories, publishing advice from
> successful authors and journal editors, and timely information about the
> job search from early career scholars who have recently been on the market.
> They will also have the opportunity to build new peer relationships and
> potential collaborations with other graduate students who are part of the
> consortium.
> To apply, please send a 2-page CV and a 1000-word prospectus (excluding
> references) describing the (1) goals of your research project, (2) research
> question(s), (3) background & theoretical frame, (4) methodology, (5)
> current status of your project, and a (6) description of the topics that
> you would like to address at the doctoral consortium.
> This prospectus should be saved in PDF format and emailed to
> chair@glsconference.org.
> Notification emails will be sent April 15, 2014.
> The Doctoral Consortium will take place immediately prior to the GLS
> Conference, on June 10, 2014, in Madison, Wisconsin.
> http://glsconference.org/2014/doctoral-consortium
> The GLS Doctoral Consortium is free to accepted participants, and we are
> delighted to announce that accepted participants will also have their GLS
> Conference registration fees comped!
> Good luck to you all!
> Questions about the DC or the application process? Contact the DC
> Co-Chairs, Alecia Magnifico, at alecia.magnifico@unh.edu and Ben Devane,
> at benjamin-devane@uiowa.edu.
> Caro
> Caroline C. Williams
> Co-Chair - Games+Learning+Society Conference
> University of Wisconsin - Madison
> Conference:  www.glsconference.org
> Center:  www.gameslearningsociety.org
> Twitter:  @GLScenter

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