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[Xmca-l] Re: FW: New Journal

I was very enthusiastic about this journal when it was first launched,
but I'm very disappointed. First of all, the website is VERY buggy:

a) I got feedback on my article but I was not notified by email for months.

b) I found it impossible to upload a revised version and had to
resubmit as a new article.

Secondly, when I did get the feedback, it was very unclear what
exactly the editorial decision was, so I revised the article with all
of the reviewer's complaints in mind. It was rejected again with
exactly the same complaints as before (many of which were not
particularly well founded in the first place, but were nevertheless
taken account of in my revision).

I think that a lot of smaller journals find it hard to get qualified
and competent reviewers, and too many reviewers see reviewing as a
competitive sport. Because the turn-around time is so long, it can
take many years to get an forthright rejection and then you have
either moved on to other things, or the data or lit survey is out of
date, or all three.

So--Caveat Scriptor: small journals with buggy websites and jaundiced
reviewers are the graveyards of research.

David Kellogg
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

On 11 February 2014 03:11, Peter Smagorinsky <smago@uga.edu> wrote:
> -----Original Message-----
> From: James Lantolf [mailto:jpl7@psu.edu]
> Peter,
> I'm writing to invite you to submit a manuscript to our new journal, Language and Sociocultural Theory. It is published by Equinox Press. Its focus, as indicated in the title, is on either analyzing language, understood in a broad sense to include L1, L2, literacy, learning, teaching, multilingualism, policy, planning, etc. from the perspective of SCT or on analyzing the role of language in SCT. The journal is published twice a year with the first issue ready to appear this april. The second issue would appear in the fall, either late Oct. or early Nov. Here is the url for the website of the journal where you can find information on submissions. Let me know if you have questions. https://www.equinoxpub.com/journals/index.php/LST
> I look forward to your response.
> Best,
> Jim