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[Xmca-l] FW: Update on Ukraine

Sent by one of our graduate students from the Ukraine:
, some updated information about the happenings in Ukraine in English are here, Euromaidan in English: https://www.facebook.com/EnglishMaidan

Here is a link to a live broadcasting (Ukrainian one): http://espreso.tv/stream

There is a The Euromaidan Journalist Collective, also a good source, to see the events from the Ukrainian side, they are written in Eglish:

This is an interesting general point of view of Timothy Snyder, a Professor of History at Yale University:


Also, the people on Maydan, as often showed my mass media,  these are not people that are "extremists," these are people who cannot go home, because they got arrested, their families are got beaten, and the houses are burned down...They are mostly professors, students, intelectuals, and people od small business. They have no way just to require the president's impeachment.