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[Xmca-l] Re: Sorry

I was wondering if anyone has the original Russian for the paragraph that
is the classic statement by Vygotsky on the concept (I'm not going to be
able to do anything with it, but I know people who can...). It is on p. 113
of the Enerstvedt piece, and is taken from Mind in Society, the chapter
titled Internalization of Higher Psychological Functions. Here is the text:

"An interpersonal process is transformed into an intrapersonal one. Every
function in
the child's cultural development appears twice: first on the social level,
and later, on
the individual level; first, between people (interpsychological) and then
inside the child
(intrapsychological). This applies equally to voluntary attention, to
logical memory,
and in the formation of concepts. All the higher functions originate as
actual relations
between human beings."

Anyone have the Russian original and could send it to the listserve?

I'm very interested in the Enerstvedt piece and particularly the discussion
of internalization.


On Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 3:37 PM, mike cole <lchcmike@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hans--
> It is clear from even a rapid scan of the book you sent that there is a
> great deal there of interest to xmca readers. I for example, would warmly
> welcome a discussion of the article by Theodor Enerstvedt about Rubenshtein
> and activity theory. Might he be interested in discussing these issues on
> xmca?
> Long ago as an even more naive beginner, I reviewed Payne's book on
> Rubenshtein. I also noted that in the last decade, members of the cultural
> historical school have often included him in their discussions of activity.
> If it is not known to you, an article by Andrei Brushlinsky was published
> in the precursor to MCA
> http://lchc.ucsd.edu/Histarch/ap83v5n2.PDF#page=1
> Note that Leontiev himself has come in for some severe criticism for the
> affinities between his theory and the Soviet state  (In this regard, I have
> always found it odd that Rubenshtein received a Stalin prize).
> Anyway, if only for the opportunity to discuss the variety of
> understandings of the term, internalization, that appear on MCA,it could be
> helpful to discuss the
> Theodor Enerstvedt piece.
> mike
> On Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 5:47 AM, Hans Knutagård <hans.knutagard@hkr.se
> >wrote:
> > I am sorry, do not know whar happened to the link. Here it come again
> >
> > http://www.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:696493/FULLTEXT01.pdf
> >
> > Yours
> >
> > Hans
> >
> >

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