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[Xmca-l] Special Issue: Psychology & Social Justice - Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology (Feb, 2014)

***Apologies For Cross-Postings***
Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology
February, 2014 (Volume 34)
Guest Editors: Michael Arfken and Jeffery Yen
Psychology and Social Justice: Theoretical and Philosophical
Michael Arfken & Jeffery Yen
Social Justice and Psychology: What Is, and What Should Be
Winnifred R. Louis, Kenneth I. Mavor, Stephen T. La Macchia & Catherine
E. Amiot
Madness and Justice
Ian Parker
The Personal and Political Economy of Psychologists' Desires for Social
Richard T. G. Walsh & Ravi Gokani
Belief in a Just God (and a Just Society): A System Justification
Perspective on Religious Ideology
John T. Jost, Carlee Beth Hawkins, Brian A. Nosek, Erin P. Hennes,
Chadly Stern, Samuel D. Gosling & Jesse Graham

Michael Arfken, PhD
Department of Psychology
University of Prince Edward Island
Email: marfken@upei.ca
Website: http://marfken.googlepages.com/