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Dear Colleagues--

At present there is a severe crisis affecting our colleagues at the
Institute of Psychololgy, Academy of
Education, in Mosow. I am forwarding a petition that is circulating in
Russian. It seems to me that the world of socio-cultural-historical
psychology might want to circulate a petition in English and send it to the
proper Russian authorities. I am completely tied down with other
obligations at the moment, but some some oneS from this
list, the ISCAR list, the AERA lists would get a petition going around, it
would be a good thing to do.

Thank you Bella for forwarding this translation. For those of you know
russian, you can vote on the petition by visiting the Russian
cultural-historical facebook page.
Help please.

Attachment: Closing Institute of Psychology in Moscow.docx
Description: MS-Word 2007 document