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[Xmca-l] Re: Do not watch!

As a UK resident I'm deprived of the freedom of not not watching this talk
show.  So any insightful and profound lampooning and extolling will,
alas, pass me by.

On the subject of eastern strife, its interesting how a new noun may help
raise consciousness amongst some Ukrainians.  "Titushko" sounds a bit more
like a sneeze than a thug... perhaps the noun-symbol is still evolving (

Its not clear to me whether joining EU will be a "better" option for
Ukranians but atleast they're enforcing their own decisions.  Some very
real strife going on, evidenced by the skilled cohesion of the protestors
-- I loved the clip of welders demonstrating their skills and commitments
working on the barricades. (
https://twitter.com/furgulcast/status/410881169270403072/photo/1)  Do we
need oppressors to help coil the springs of action (and consciousness)?

In Europe 2014 is a centenary year, suggesting that centenaries are more
important than the events remembered.  We have the lowest common
denominator (I think most Europeans can count to one hundred) with the
state of the art of gloss -- shiny bright 4th hand experience filtered
through the number 100.  The bits and pieces of 1914 media I've seen have
been rather good, however, which only puts to shame the centenary branch
that these thoughtful life embracing efforts stem from.

And what will the Chinese do with their horse?  Myth is a large part of the
media there is it not?


On 6 February 2014 15:56, mike cole <lchcmike@gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Colleagues--
> Please warn our Russian colleagues that under no conditions should they
> watch the Colbert show interview with those two Russian young
> women. Colbert stupidly had translation both directions so its very easy to
> understand in two languages and people might get upset.
> To be sure to avoid this tragic mistake, put the following url in your
> "never open this site" folder.
> http://pitchfork.com/news/53841-watch-pussy-riot-on-the-colbert-report/
> mike
> PS-- And don't go see Dallas Buyers Club either.