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Greetings for all,

I am working translating for personal use, the Chapter V of Vasiliuk's "The Psychology of Experience". And I want to compare with Russian version in the more difficult points. But my Russian version is from 1984, and there was 2 other Russian editions at 1988 and 1992. My English version (from 1992 too) have not the same contends that 1984's Russian edition - there is no chapter V in it. At internet, it is very hard to find Russian book-shores, with international ways for payment. Please, somebody knows some way? 

Thank you. This is not only for me, there are people working together that do not read Russian nor English. And they all have human beings for care in their psycho-therapeutic practices. Vasiliuk is very important for us with his "four psychotecnic units". But, sometimes, there are little mistakes in English - as translate "smisl" by "meaning" not by "sense", and so on... I saw this in the earlier chapters, do you understand? Smisl and znachenie is not the same in Russian psychology...

Thank you very much.
Best wishes.