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[Xmca-l] Re: is the mind a function of the brain?

Great quote, Martin!
*Andy Blunden*

Martin John Packer wrote:
I'm inclined to say that both mind and soul are aspects of folk psychology.

>From Charles Taylor's 'Sources of the Self':

We think of our thoughts, ideas, or feelings as being “within” us, while the objects in the world which these mental states bear on are “without”…. But as strong as this partitioning of the world appears to us, as solid as this location may seem, and anchored in the very nature of the human agent, it is in large part a feature of our world, the world of modern, Western people. The localization is not a universal one, which human beings recognize as a matter of course, as they do for instance that their heads are above their torsos. Rather it is a function of a historically limited mode of self interpretation, one which has become dominant in the modern West and which may indeed spread thence to other parts of the globe, but which had a beginning in time and space and may have an end. (Taylor, 1098, p. 111)